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The Ozaukee County Composite MTB team was formed in 2012 and was started by head coach Emily Hurd, Shawn Cotter, Amy Osborne & Ricky Knox. From an initial team of less than 10, the 2021 roster totaled over 95 riders. We now have multiple teams – Cedarburg Bulldogs, Grafton Black Hawks, Ozaukee County Composite, and the Port Pirates.  We cover all school districts in Ozaukee County, and for the 2022 season, the Brown Deer School District.  Any child living in Ozaukee County or Brown Deer School District is welcome to join us - there is a team for you!


Our Mission...

The team is dedicated to supporting every student-athlete in developing a strong body, mind and character through interscholastic cycling. 



Riders will be a part of a co-ed team with all levels of fitness and ability, and which includes both middle and high school students. Riders have the opportunity to compete, ride for adventure, and have fun.  Competitions, with over 1,000 riders, occur over a 5 race series throughout Wisconsin.

Thanks to the awesome area MTB trails, we have plenty of riding opportunities.  Pleasant Valley Nature Park, Glacial Blue Hills Park and others are close.  We also have many other trails within an hour drive.  Most area trails are maintained by volunteers, including groups such as Metro MTB and GEARS.  Riders will also have the opportunity to give back and support the MTB trails through NICA supported trail work days.


The team has coaches spanning from interested parents who have very little mountain biking experience to coaches who have a long experience with riding and racing.

With enrollments expected to remain close to 100 athletes, we are always looking for help with coaching. If you are a parent of a rider on the team or simply an adult human that loves to ride on dirt and wants to give back and help get more kids on bikes please drop us a line. None of our coaches are professional mountain bikers (in case you were wondering).



This is where all coaches start and some parents who really only have time to help out at 3-4 practices will often just stay in this category – which is still awesome because it really helps!


Level 2 coaches satisfy all of the Level 1 requirements, but also add in CPR, league-approved first aid, on-the-bike skills courses, as well as gaining valuable experience by spending time with the team. Level 2 coaches assist level 3 coaches with advanced tasks such as leading rides.


Level 3 coaches satisfy all of the level 1 and 2 requirements, as well as taking further education, a leader summit, and have spent the most time riding with the team. Level 3 coaches take a leadership role within the team. Equivalent competencies as head coach.

Learn more about NICA coaching certifications here. Coaches at each level are also eligible to receive special coach discounts. Learn more about coach benefits here.

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